Upcoming Shows

It's been a while since I wrote anything on here and I have a few interesting things coming up... plus a few interesting things just wrapping up! 

For much of this month I've been working in Sexsmith Elementary School here in Vancouver doing a pollinator inspired art residency.  My friend Lori (who some people may know as Madame Beespeaker) has been keeping a blog showing some of the cool stuff the kids have been coming up with as part of that project.  Its been a lot of fun and I find it super satisfying to use art as a way of kindling an interest in (and respect for) pollinators.  My favorite part was making prayer flags for the bees that we hung up on Earth Day.

The rest of my time has been taken up preparing for my upcoming UK show, Pollination Nation...Facebook event link here   I am creating an entirely new body of work focusing exclusively on honeybees for this show which will run from 16th June till 19th July at The Old Bath House, Wolverton.  For those of you in the UK, and able to come along for the opening night (7pm on the 16th of June), I'd love to see you there!  And if you know folks in England who might enjoy some bee themed art, do send them along. I'm super excited about this show and we will have some honeybee themed refreshments for you to enjoy along with the art.  I will be giving an artists talk on 20th June at 7pm.

For those of you in Canada, I will have one of my black and white drawings in the Bees (& the Birds) Arts Show at the Graven Feather Gallery in Toronto from 18th to 29th May. Facebook Event here I'm excited to be a part of this show which is raising money for this important cause.  I don't know too many folks in Toronto but if you do, feel free to send them along and/or invite them on the Facebook Page!


For folks in Vancouver, I usually have a few bits and pieces on display in Second Nature Home

 Anything I don't sell in my UK show I will keep for this years Culture Crawl (seems a long way off I know, but the year is going by so fast!)

You can always 'like' my facebook page for updates in the mean time... I'm often posting photos of new work there, as well as info on any upcoming shows. 

So that's all from me for now.  I hope life is treating you well... thanks for being interested in the bees... and in my work.